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Here you will fond my various miniature related projects since 2003... I did not have the patience to transfer all the tutorials. When there were step by step images, I just added the images.
If you wish to have more information about the how to of some items, do not hesitate to contact me, It will help me to put back some content on the site ;)


The vampire counts is progressing. I started (with great pleasure) painting again tonight, and here is the result: a flying vampire and my first corpse cart. I started the corpse cart a long while ago, but managed to finish it tonight.



This is the current state of my vampire counts army. All conversions are almoste finished, now the display base has to be done.


Here are the pages of the galery.
For each page, you have the gamesystem and the year the project was made.

My first army project with a display base. This was first army I made for WHFB after a huge break between 1995 and 2003.
Nurgle has always been my most favored of the chaos gods. The miniatures in this page range from 1993 to 2004.
The Ogres ... some of you might have noticed this is my only army that is not strongly evil.... But Ogres are fat, make noise, eat and drink a lot, so I have an excuse for playing them ! :)
My first full GW Army ! I made this one to participate in the German Grand Tournament. The concept of this army is summarized in a few keywords: "Blood, Skulls, Lava, Red, Black, metal".
One of my few full GW armies. I made this one for the German GT 2006, which allowed me to be part of the painting finalists.
Even if I have always been a big fan of the dark elves, I was never convinced by the rules associated to this army ... The rules of the Cult of Slaanesh on the other hand seduced, and motivated me to build this alternative army.
Morghur is my favorite WHFB Character. This is Why I decided to make a Morghur dedicated Beastmen army. Another one of my few full GW armies.
My Vampire Counts Army. Many proxies, and probably the most advanced display base I ever made. Still in WIP.
Cthulhu Wars, un bon jeu de plateau bien bourrin et très subtil en même temps, où on a le plaisir de déplacer des grands anciens de 30cm pour aller massacrer ... d'autres grands anciens.
This page is actually a container for various types of miniatures painted just for fun at various times ...