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WHFB: 2009: Comtes Vampires WHFB: 2009: Vampire Counts 

The winged vampire and the flying corpse cart are finished.

This is the status of the army on the 29th of november

  1. The approximative disposition of the miniatures on the display base. A few units are still missing, like the spectres and banshee. The display base itself will be pretty high, since it will portray the entry of a sylvanian castle and the ground before it.
  2. The dire wolves ... I basically digged very deep in miniature collection to retrieve all possibles wolves and werewolves I had.
  3. The biz zombi bulk (two units of 20 zombies), a corpse cart and inidvidual zombies behind. This is the content of 6 converted corpse cart boxes.
  4. The skelettons, based on bretonnian men at arms.
  5. Then one of my cavalry units ... Since the cavalry now has the ethereal rule for movement, I decided to convert them into immaterial knights.