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I was born in Austria in august 1975, and moved to France with my parents in 1979.

I have been practicing role playing games and miniature games since 1989.

I discovered the gothic scen in 1998, which was a real epiphany for me, both from the musical and mood aspects.

I am also a great fan of comics, such as preacher or the watchmen, even if I also appreciate lighter comics.

I got very interested in IT at the end of my studies, which is the time when I started working on this webiste. I consider this a hobby exactly like painting miniatures.

I worked for three and a half years for a systems integratori, where I discovered development and project managment. I worked for many different clients, ranging from on line brokers to chemical industry as well as banks and Electronics manufacturing companies. My strongest experience at this time was with CRM systems.

I then worked for two years as a freelance consultant for Accenture and Cortal Consors, still in the area of customer relationship management.

Since October 2003, I have been working as project manager at Essilor.

If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, click here !

Happy surfing !

In order to answer this question, i will need to go back sometime ...

As soon as i had access to the internet, I opened an account at Mygale.org, under the alias Ewandor.
the content of this website at that moment was essentially focused on warhammer battle 5th edition. I very quickly gained some contacts with other french webmaster and expanded my contacts.
At this time, i was discovering HTML, my pages were static HTML, no javascript or any other fancy stuff...
I started using photoshop and used various HTML generation tools, that I quickly abandonned to the profit of Notepad and then Ultraedit 32.
At this time, the screen looked like this:

The site started to grow slowly, and i discovered the heavy ness of the picture -> develoment -> scanning -> correction process ... As a consequence i quickly invested in a digital camera, which also allowed me to take macro pictures for an afordable price.
The site di not evolve for about 10 months, up to the moment where i decided to improve it ... It's what i call ...

What triggered that desire in me was the lack of work at this moment (being in a consulting company, when there are no contracts, there is no work ...) and the discovery of the gothic community in Paris with its music and athmosphere. I decided my website had to have a section about this. Alos i wanted to develop my Internet skills, so I Started to work with Javascript.
The layout of the site at this moment was the following:

I had included the Warhammer section at a lower level, that included also a professional part as well as a gothic section.
But Multimania started to go on my nerves with all the banners and ads, and I also wanted to start working in PHP, and i was also thinking about getting a domain name of my own.
So I opened an acccout at amen.fr and created the cenotaphe.net domain.
Here we enter the ...

Here is started for a few months to develop the previous website. I programmed a counter in php, as well as the guest book. Progressively i discovered the capacities of the PhP and started to develop a new framework for the site, that would be multilingual, with different user interfaces, and really exploiting the capacities of the SQL database behind the site.

My first adventure in the domain of the CMS, even if it was one I had developped myself.The whole site was made in PhP, with a MySql database that holds all the content of the site. A technical framework allows to change between different languages, but I only made the english translation up to now. The framework also allowed me to have different graphical interfaces and to allow some users to upload pictures and comments of their armies. This was good but could be better. I have looked for the existing content management solutions that were available, and choose one in order to reach ...

Typo3 is one of the best content management systems today. The main drawback is the complexity to master the beast ...

Also the site was absolutely not updated between september 2007 and october 2009, until I decided to remake it, with a new graphical interface provided by goomi and manuel sanchez.
I also fixed the content and structure, which allowed me to reset the site in a single week end.

Also, since I consider myself to master this tool quite correctly, I started offering my services for setting up websites.