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Here is a small portfolio of the websites I have realized up to today.

Smog1888 is the website of both the thirteenth hour game, and the smog miniatures. A very original site from a graphical point of view, that allowed me to build experience regarding facebook integration.
CyberEPC is a web site dedicated to patent right specialists, regularly updated. CyberEPC is the first on-line interactive EPC. The main functions on this site include access rights, subscription management and a paypal interface.
Dead Fish Painting is the showcase website of one Sébastien "Jakovazor" Picque. Sébastien is a freelance miniature painter, he uses his site to display his art to potential customers.
François Launet, aka "Goomi" is an artist: graphics designer, painter, motion designer, SFX supervisor. His site has the purpose to present his works and portfolio in all these areas.
One of the many sites of Jacques Alexandre Gillois. This one contains his personal galery and is his most personal one. Quite some work on the custom made galery system.
This is the site that host the Unspeakable Vault comic strips of François Launet, that address the Cthulhu Mythos in humorous way.
The Institut Musical Suzuki de Lyon is an association proposing an alternative method for teaching music to very young children.
The purpose of this site is to present the association, its philosophy, activities and events.
Manuel Sanchez is a graphics designer as well as a motion designer. The purpose of his site is to present his work and portfolio.