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Aside from my main passion (tabletop gaming and painting, in case you hadn't noticed ;)), I am also very fond of web technologies and I use it on a regular basis to create web sites.

If you are interested in having me develop a website for you, please contact me.

My best practices and approach regarding the conception of websites is the following:

  • The hosting of the website is yours to take in charge
  • Based on your first requirements, I will dig to understand exactly what you need and find the most adequate way to meet them in terms of architecture as well as functions
  • You will then be trained to manage the content elements in typo3 (which takes about 30 minutes) and will then have achieved autonomy in updating your site

Of course, for more complex sites (on line shop, customer relationship management), the analysis and training phase can last a little bit longer.

The most important in this approach is that you will have total autonomy on your website: you will not need me anymore to manage updates or new content.

The CMS I use in most of the cases is Typo3. Typo3 is not really a CMS, but rather a complete framework having a vast array of functions, and an extension management system that is extremely well done, allowing for a very strong and creative community.

Typo3 is not just a simple publisher (altough you could do just a blog with it), but a real professional solution used in companies such as Lufthansa, Sixt, Omega, Leica, Dassault Systèmes, Villeroy et Boch.

For more information about this tool, please check out typo3.org.

Here is the list of functions that can easily be provided:

  • url rewriting: for example instead of having a url that looks like www.cenotaphe.net/index.php?id=216, you will have www.cenotaphe.net/fr/galerie/whfb-2004-nurgle/index.html
  • multiple languages
  • lightboxes or other galery and image display tools
  • RSS feed and news mechanics
  • Custom made Graphical inteface
  • On-the-fly generation of graphic menus and titles
  • Managing user rights and log in

Any other function you might need in the scope of your own personal project might or not require developement. Whatever the case, I will always be able to tell you if it is feasible or not :)

Click here to check out the portfolio of sites or business solutions that I have realized.